Sunday, May 22, 2016

Overlooking Four Leaf Clovers (And A Lot More)

'Twas the Druids, I believe, who originally developed the belief that four-leaf clovers had magical powers and brought good luck.

They are rare, but not extraordinarily so. Perhaps you have known someone who had a knack for finding them. I once had friend who always seemed to be able to spot one in a patch of clovers. What the heck?

As a child I would look and look and look. I can honestly report I have never found one myself. Why? Lack of patience, I'm convinced. Finally I just gave up looking, except for an occasional glance whenever I come upon clovers.

Two thoughts occur to me while pondering this. One, I would suggest that the strange happenings in our lives go by unnoticed simply because we aren't really looking for them. Synchronicites, ("Godwinks" as SQuire Rushnell has termed them), which are defined as meaningful coincidences, do happen to all of us. But are we paying attention? I believe meaningful dreams are another overlooked source of intrigue. But how many pay attention to them? Dreams are most often had and then soon forgotten.

I have begun to suggest that keeping a journal for such things is a good way to put your journey into proper perspective.

My second thought is this: just as searching for four leaf clovers takes attention and patience, so the more mystical aspects of life are only noticeable to those who are actively watching for them.

I believe - because it seems to have been my experience - that prayers are not answered (and if that word troubles you read desires instead) apart from faith. I don't think of that, as some do, as attempting to cajole a sky-genii into granting a wish.

For me it is a matter of having a deep belief that life is not an accident, but has meaning and purpose. Perhaps I should say it can have meaning and purpose if we choose to live meaningfully and purposefully. If not, it can seem a veritable jumble.

Life is meaningful and the universe will cooperate with us - if we cooperate with it. I believe we must first open our spiritual eyes.


  1. I've never found a four leaf clover either. Interestingly, I do have some red (not white-it's important to me) clover taking over my herb garden. This is something I wanted a long time ago, but never did anything about and then forgot about.

    I'll be looking for them now :O)

    1. So many things we take for granted, clovers among them. Hope you find a four-leafer soon!