Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Miracle Bill

I suppose I should start with my usual disclaimer that by miracle I mean an extremely outstanding and unusual event and not necessarily something against the known laws of nature. Whether one thinks of events such as the one that is the subject of this as post touching the divine or not depends on one's worldview.

Anyway, this story was widely written about and covered in the media a few months back. Just Google Peter Bilello and you can find out all about it.

 Peter and Grace Bilello had been married for fifty years. Peter was by Grace's side through her fourteen-year-long battle with cancer, which, sadly, she lost last year.

Back in 2009 Peter came up with the idea of he and Grace signing dollar bills. He kept Grace's signed bill in his wallet, but was distressed to find out one day that he had inadvertently spent it somewhere along the way. Disappointed, he assumed he would never see that bill again.

Time went on and his beloved wife died. He had regular "visits" with her at the cemetery, but of course he missed her terribly. Then one day in June of this year - five years after he lost the special dollar - he had taken his granddaughter  to a local Subway restaurant where she had received that very dollar in change.

The family now feels that this was Grace coming back to them. And Peter has put the dollar in a special place so he doesn't lose it again.

Peter considers this a miracle. I think that to say the least it is a very meaningful coincidence or example of synchronicity. I love these kinds of stories. I've experienced many of these meaningful events in my life. To me they are little indicators that maybe - just maybe - things are not just a mishmash.

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