Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Dream Speaks

The purely material worldview leaves me cold, I must say. As a metaphysical idealist I think there is much more going on behind the scenes than reductionist materialism can adequately account for. I feel this way because of my own experiences (which is the best "proof"), but also because - when you take the time to look around - others report these uncanny happenings. A case in point is a story I caught quite by accident because my television was still on after the news (which is hardly ever the case) on the show Inside Edition.

Seems that 20-year-old nursing student Emily Clark, from my home state of Georgia, was killed in a tragic car accident in April of this year. Four other nursing students also perished in the crash. The crash was fiery and devastating and a story about it can be found at this link.

The strange part of the story is Emily's younger sister Haily, who became convinced Emily's iphone was intact and somewhere near the crash site. Her parent's could not conceive such a thing and insisted the phone had been destroyed in the crash - not an unreasonable assumption at all, if you clicked the link above and read the details.

But Hailey insisted otherwise. In fact, Hailey went to the crash site and looked for the phone. She had a dream; a dream she felt was Emily attempting to guide her to the phone. "I could see the phone and it was at the crash," Hailey stated.

Then, as Inside Edition reported:

Like a bolt from the blue, six months after Emily's death came a call from police investigators. A cellphone had been found at the crash site, exactly where Emily had told Hailey where it was in her dream.

The phone not only was intact but just dirty. And with the iphone came a cache of photos Emily had taken - a priceless treasure for her family. It was as if a piece of her was still alive.

Some folks deny that dreams can convey knowledge of things or foretell the future, that the departed can communicate with us through them. I understand. The skeptic's worldview will not allow such things. But for those of us who have experienced meaningful dreams, no amount of naysaying will dissuade us.

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