Thursday, June 2, 2016

"This Is My Last Game And I'm Going To Strike Out This Time"

Those were the words Bill Klem, the man most responsible for making Major League Baseball umpiring the profession it is today, when foretelling his death.

For thirty-six years he served the National League as ump. For Klem baseball was more than a game, "it was like a religion."

But after two years of declining health from heart problems and a month of hospitalization, Klem was ready to put his house in order. His baseball metaphors referring to his premonition of death were relayed to his lawyer a week before the end came.

I'm fascinated by the occurrence of death premonitions. It isn't an usual thing at all, but rather common.  In fact, I've collected a sizable amount of these stories.  

It has become my personal conviction that we all have spirit guides and angels that can aid and direct us in our lives. Perhaps the majority of people are unaware of this, yet still are often directed by "voices" and strong "gut feelings."

Wild as that idea might seem at first blush, I find it more satisfying than the idea of all these thing being lucky guesses. Also, there is a vast amount of NDE data which suggest that often one is sent back to this life by dead loved ones or divine entities because it isn't time for one's death. That seems to me to be a corollary.

However one understands this death premonition phenomenon, undeniably it is a strange and interesting aspect of human existence.


  1. I may have posted it here before, but death premonitions creep me out. This is off topic, but do you see an afterlife or reincarnation as part of the mix or can it be both?

    1. I'm leaning towards both. To say I believe in an afterlife isn't to say I know it is so. But I believe a reasonable case can be made for it. And I have to say there is some interesting material about possible reincarnation cases that deserves an open-minded consideration.

    2. I am pretty fascinated with reincarnation, but don't understand why we don't remember past lives more often if it is the case.

    3. Honestly, I haven't made an in-depth study of the matter. I've read some and for various reasons have reconsidered the prejudice I have against it. But Dr. Ian Stevenson has written extensively about reincarnation, including studies of some people who do recall aspects of previous lives. I am open to to this.