Sunday, March 27, 2016

Don't Throw Out That Baby!

Don't know if the origin of the old phrase "Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater" can successfully be nailed down, but do know it is a popular warning about being overly dismissive.

Too much rigidity in thinking and not enough openness to possibilities, methinks.

Shall will be hasty to wave off that which we can't possibly be sure about? Most reasonable would answer "no," I'm persuaded.

I've had to backtrack on a lot of things I had come to be very rigid about. Oh, the doubts always lurked beneath the surface, but with a firm a worldview in place it was simple enough to hammer things into their proper places. (I thought.)

My present blog is about what might be called anomalous experiences - my own and those of others. Well, that's the thing. When you look at the reports - bazillions of them - you find that strange experiences, eerie events, spooky happenings truly aren't anomalous at all. They happen to practically all of us. And has happened all throughout history.

Here's the rub: The popularity and extremely widespread devotion to the materialist, mechanistic view of the universe makes the aforementioned common experiences anomalous.

My solution was to explore a worldview. For me it works, It makes sense. The unusual is not so unusual after all. At least I don't find it so.

Sure, I think we have to be careful not to become gullible fools. But we can approach a better understanding of some of the strange world experiences by freeing our minds a bit. It's a vast universe. We can't pretend to have all the answers.


  1. Nice to see you posting Doug! I like what you are saying here. I am not one to think I have all the answers either and I do hope for something outside of this material world, even if it is only a hope.

  2. Hi Alice! Been away taking care of my mom. Things are better for now so I hope to be doing more writing. There are so many strange things that happen it makes me just want to take a deeper look. I'm open-minded about where the evidence may finally lead me - if anywhere finally in this life. But materialism more and more leaves unsatisfied as a final solution.