Thursday, September 10, 2015

Dream Warns Of Death In "Unseen Way"

Robert J. Grier II was the attorney for Andrew J. Nestler and he filed with probate court his client's handwritten will based on a dream. The will, dated November 17, 1952, stated:

The reason I am writing this statement Nov 11-17-52 (is) what happened tonight at a little after 3 a.m.
I was sudden awaken up by a dream of mother.
It was more like a warning than a dream. It was so clear to me.

So I bought this tablet for five cents at corner drugstore at Atwood and Forbes Street and I wrote down this statement.
Mother was close to me. One could believe she was still living. But I know she is dead. This is the third time she came to me.
She show (told) me in this dream I must write or make a paper. I must make a will or some kind of statement of all my affairs if (because) I Andy J. Nestler by some unseen way would not be here on April 1, 1953.

I used the transcription the newspaper provided because Mr. Nestler's note was a bit hard to decipher.

This interesting newspaper story, along with a picture of the handwritten will and of Mr. Nestler, can be found at this link.

The story goes on to relate that Mr. Nestler "was found unconscious by a guard in the washroom of the library." Nestler lived for only three more days.

A police report stated that all Nestler could tell them was he was hit on the head with some kind of instrument and he did not see who struck the blow, except for the assailant's feet.

This warning dream is fascinating because of its detail. Nestler was not "here" on April 1, 1953, as he died on March 1. His death was in an "unseen way" because he never saw who or what hit him the blow that directly led to his demise.

Dream insight fascinates because I feel I have been directed and informed by my dreams - although nothing as dramatic as this. But history is replete with dream warnings and information delivered through dreams.

Some feel we can communicate with spirits via the dream realm. My own personal theory is that during the dream state our normal filters are off and we are better able to connect with the great Cosmic Mind that undergirds reality.

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