Saturday, July 18, 2015

Strange Attraction

I've never read the secret or seen the movie. I have heard a bit about it on Oprah (not that I was a regular viewer, but before she started her own network her show was on just before the local news when I got home from work and I would often catch her).

However, I have read just a tad (a very little bit, actually) in some old New Thought books about it the Law of Attraction.

Sure it is a lot to swallow. And you would think - judging by the mess this world is in - that either it is a bunch of hooey or else most people just don't know about it or maybe do know and just aren't applying themselves. (I believe its adherents think most people don't know much about this alleged law of the universe, hence it is often referred to these days as The Secret.)

Okay, be all that as it may, I just want to relate a strange little incident that I experienced it goes back to what my thinking about Synchronicity - or meaningful coincidences - offers me. And strange though that concept is, it does make sense to me and even offers some explanatory power for my understanding.

Anyway, I have this little vacuum cleaner that I've had for nearly two decades. I've always loved it because it's small - just right for my small home. It is bag-less and it's easy to empty the storage bin. Also, it has good suction, but not so good that it chews things up and pulls things loose.

Over years of use the black plastic handle cracked and became loose. When I searched for a replacement I sadly discovered that company no longer makes that particular model, and I don't like the newer ones.

Not wanting to give it up until I absolutely had to, I decided to "jury rig" the handle part. But how? Tape is sticky and probably wouldn't be long lasting. Then I hit upon the idea of securing the crack with a zip tie. I have these at my place of employment but never could think about bringing one home as I was leaving.

Now I will add here that finally, after a very long delay, I upgraded my internet service to fiber optics. The power company was here last Saturday to install it for me. After this was done and the service man left, I decided to clean up behind him and vacuum. It was then that I looked down and saw that the installer had dropped a small black zip tie - just the size I wanted. Had I got one from work it would have been bright white on a black handle. Now that would have really looked redneck.

The "law of attraction" brought me just what I wanted, and I all I had to do was think about what I wanted. Yeah, I kept forgetting to grab one from work, but in the end I ended up with something better.

Coincidence you say? Well sure. But I have increasingly noticed that when I am looking for coincidences I find them, and when I follow a path seems to be laid out ahead of me, I come out at a clearing. 


  1. Hi Doug,

    Nice new place you've got here;)

    I find LOA fascinating, too. and I could also tell a story or two about my experiences with it.

    that either it is a bunch of hooey or else most people just don't know about it or maybe do know and just aren't applying themselves...

    That may be part of it- one teacher says that we all create our reality with our thoughts, whether we want to or not. The key, I guess, would be to be mindful about what is going on in our mind.

    I don't know if I believe all of it, but it is very interesting.

    1. Hi Alice, and thanks. I'm just getting it off the ground. I think I'm going to explore my strange side a bit more, but also the strange things that others experience as well. I'm still working on my blog roll. Some of my old blogging friends probably won't want to be associated with my new direction, but everyone is welcome and I have no problem listing their blogs as an alternative view if they have no problem with it.

      I think there is some truth to our thoughts creating our reality. I read in one of those New Thought books that pessimists are right - if that is what they truly think; but so are optimists. Certainly I've found I get better results when I look at the glass as half-full. It always used to frustrate me when I saw people that I knew who seemed to just have the best luck. It makes me wonder if it really is luck after all.